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Welcome to our doTERRA family! We have been blessed for over a decade to experience doTERRA Essential Oils in our home and have seen thousands of lives blessed by them as well. 


Have you ever tried to serve someone when you aren't well? Or when you didn't have enough time? or financial resources? It can be done, but we know from experience that it is very difficult AND it is much more thrilling to serve when you feel amazing, your time is wide open for your choosing, and you aren't stressed about putting food on the table or clothes on your children's backs. 


We are here to serve and bring light, love, and beauty to the world through a variety of mediums. We believe that your biggest assets in life are your health, your time, and your wealth. In order to serve others, we desire to have these 3 things in order and thriving and are here to help you do the same! 


We are so happy that you are joining us on your journey to wellness!

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